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Study acupuncture or acupressure visually and interactively with the 3D visual acupuncture app.
Get a good feel for the flow of meridian channels and their (anatomical) acupuncture point locations.
The acupuncture app was created alongside specialists in the field of acupuncture, acupressure, and reflexology.

This acupuncture app is meant as a learning aid or study tool, which does not replace traditional acupuncture learning methods,
but extends them.
For acupuncture practitioners, it can be used as a visual aid in consults with clients, or to simply get a different
a way of looking at all the meridians and acupuncture points then was previously possible.
Through the various options included in this 3D acupuncture app, learning acupuncture becomes more intuitive and easy.
By seeing the flow of meridians and acupuncture points in 3D, it is much easier to learn locations and pathways then it would
be from flat images, acupuncture books, acupuncture charts or other study material.
The acupuncture app offers lots of different options to find acupuncture points, search through the entire database using keywords,
or find acupuncture points used for specific conditions (headache, back pain, etc) easily through the combinations database and more.

The acupuncture app offers the options to quiz yourself, quiz only certain meridians or all and get relevant feedback at the end.  The acupuncture app also contains anatomy in full 3D, so you can learn how acupuncture points relate to anatomical landmarks and locations on the body, as well as to simply learn and study the underlying anatomy all by itself. Each acupuncture point and meridian contains extensive information, to (among others) learn the functions/indications/combinations/etc. The extraordinary acupuncture points and meridians are also included. Useful in the following fields: TCM, acupuncture, acupressure, trigger points, reflexology or shiatsu. Download the Visual Acupuncture app for free on the app store and test it out yourself


  • Primary acupuncture points & channels
  • Extraordinary acupuncture points & channels
  • Internal channels (divergent, luo, sinew, primary)
  • Point groups
  • 3D anatomy model (muscles, bones and organs)
  • Quizzes
  • Acupuncture point combinations
  • Extended search options
  • Draw & save
  • Extensive information on each point/channel
  • Different display optionsPoint groups
  • Notes

contains primary meridians: lung meridian, kidne


The Visual Acupuncture app is available for many different mobile and desktop platforms and devices
(iPhone, iPad, Android (mobile and tablet), windows and mac).
Below are different screen captures taken from both the mobile and desktop app versions.
On a phone or tablet, the acupuncture app supports both landscape and portrait mode, along with different text scaling options.
The Visual Acupuncture app can be used on a mac or windows computers and supports windowed and full-screen options.





Download the Visual Acupuncture app for free on the app store (limited functionality, Lung & Bladder meridian unlocked) and test out if this acupuncture app is for you.
*It is available for Apple (iPhone and iPad), Android (mobile and tablet), Windows (desktop) and Mac (desktop).


The Visual Acupuncture app can be downloaded for free and contains the Lung meridian and the Bladder meridian along with the skeleton 3D anatomy for free.
For a monthly, yearly or lifetime price the app can be unlocked (meaning all meridians, functionality and 3D anatomy features of the app can be used).
The app is universal and on iOs can be shared between an iPhone and iPad, on Android it can be shared between different tablets and mobile phones.
The software is not cross-platform, meaning a purchase on Android can only be used on android devices (phones or tablets and purchases made through Apple, can only be used on iPhones and iPads).


$ 3
  • Full Version
  • Cancel any Time


$ 1
  • Full Version
  • Cancel any Time


$ 39
  • Full Version
  • Lifetime Access


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